Azerbaijani SBS holds exercises in Caspian Sea

The State Border Service of Azerbaijan has held tactical exercises on organization of border search, neutralization of detected terrorist and subversive groups in case of a threat to oil and gas infrastructure in the Azerbaijani sector of the Caspian Sea.

SBS press service told APA that the exercises were aimed at the improvement of combat readiness of SBS units for protection of oil and gas fields, submarine pipelines; management skills of commanders; border searches at night and practical skills on conducting firings from rocket-artilleries.

The exercises were held in three stages over ten tactical episodes. Joint search operations by coast guard and aviation unit of the State Border Service over protection of oil and gas bearing region, platforms, pipelines were successfully carried out, warning fire was opened to stop vessel not responding to the request, quick reaction forces were deployed on the vessels by helicopters, conventional terrorist group was neutralized on board, stopped vessel was reviewed with watch dogs and special search tools, components of weapons of mass destruction and drugs were detected during the exercises.

Coast Guard patrol ships and Aviation Unit helicopters’ anti-aircraft artillery and missile complexes successfully carried out daylight and night shootings, and tasks were fulfilled to detect and destroy unmanned aircrafts and subversive boats of the enemy engaged in intelligence in the oil platform, underwater subversive groups of the conditional enemy and the conditional terrorist groups camped on the beach in the dark.

The tasks set forth in the exercises were fulfilled completely.

Deputy Prime Minister of Azerbaijan Yagub Eyyubov observed the tactical exercises.