Iran wants to establish vegetable oil production in Azerbaijan

It is planned to open a plant for production of vegetable oil and extracts in Azerbaijan with the support of Iran’s Red Crescent Society, head of Iranian Soha Jissa company told Azerbaijani reporters in the country.

Arash Seyed Salehi, head of the Soha Jissa company for production of vegetable oils and extracts said that first of all, the company plans to open its representative office in Azerbaijan.

Salehi said that currently, the company produces extracts, creams and varieties of tea.

The plant mainly produces medicines and supplies raw materials to other enterprises. The plant currently controls about 70 percent of the local market in the sphere of production and sale of extracts.

“We produce and supply raw materials depending on the received orders,” said Salehi.

He added that in the future, it is planned to start exporting abroad, especially, to provide the enterprises in Azerbaijan with necessary medicinal and herbal extracts, medicines and raw materials.

It should be noted that the clinic of Iran’s Red Crescent Society has been operating in Baku for over 20 years. Every year, a significant number of people, mostly from low-income families benefit from the services of the clinic.