Turkey’s accession to EU would eliminate Islamophobia in Europe – PM

If Turkey would be admitted to the European Union (EU), there would be no religious hatred in Europe, Turkish Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu said.

He said all the ongoing developments in Europe, including the increasing Islamophobia will not bring any good results, Hurriyet newspaper reported on Jan.12.

Turkey has long been working towards being accepted to the EU, however so far it hasn’t happened. The official negotiations on Turkey’s accession to the EU were resumed in 2005.

Turkey fulfilled 65 percent of its commitments to the EU for accession to this organization, according to the country’s officials.

PM Davutoglu expressed regret that as of recent, some political circles benefit from the developments in Europe, including from rise of Islamophobia.

EU member France has been in the grip of terrorist attacks in recent days. Terrorists, presumably having ties to radical Islamic circles, attacked the office of satirical weekly magazine Charlie Hebdo, in the 11th arrondissement of Paris killing 12 people on Jan.7. Following this, they took almost 20 hostages and killed four of them on Jan.9.