Polish companies were offered to supply pipes for Kazakh Tengiz field

Director of executive management of “Engineering Union of Kazakhstan” Timurlan Altayev offered Polish enterprises to supply pipes and cable products to Kazakh Tengiz field at a round table on the theme “Investment cooperation of Kazakhstan, Poland.”

“As per logistics, we have something to discuss with the Polish logistics companies,” he said. “The transportation costs amounted to $2 billion. We also encourage Polish companies to deliver Polish goods to the Tengiz field. It will require 1,100 km of pipelines, and almost 5,000 km of cable products.”

Altayev said that the expansion project on the Tengiz field is one of the projects which will require purchase of equipment in large volumes.

“The estimated cost of the project is more than $26 billion,” he said. “It involves the equipment, logistics and transportation. Increase of the so-called local content, or purchase volumes of Kazakh products is very important for the customer.”

He said that today there is an interest to work together in such areas as aviation industry, manufacture of railway components and agricultural equipment.