Azerbaijan, Iran mull prospects of cooperation

Head of the socio-political affairs department at the Azerbaijani President`s Administration Ali Hasanov has met leadership of Iran`s National Radio and Television Company, including chairman Izzatullah Zargami and vice-chairmen Mohammad Sarafraz, Seyid Mohammad Huseyni and Ali Asgari.

During the meetings the sides discussed Azerbaijan`s and Iran`s information policy, in particular the activity of media outlets, which have recently been distorting a real situation in both countries.

Hasanov highlighted Azerbaijan`s achievements in ensuring the freedom of speech and press, the country`s successes in TV and information and communication technologies sectors.
The sides touched upon the fact that some internal forces in Azerbaijan and Iran and external forces, which are interested in undermining the relations between the two countries, were effectively using information as a tool for achieving their goals. They agreed that mutual anti-propaganda campaign did not serve the national and state interests of Azerbaijan and Iran.
Hasanov stressed the necessity of putting an end to an anti-Azerbaijani propaganda of Iranian media outlets, adding both countries should treat each other with respect. Hasanov said: “Iran has a moral right to demand the same from Azerbaijan too. The history of Azerbaijan and Iran require that they live in peace and sincere friendship. And this requires that both sides show respect to each other`s socio-political and domestic life, and governance system.”

“Under national leader Heydar Aliyev, the people of Azerbaijan embarked on the path towards democratic development, and will continue moving forward on this path in order to ensure its bright future. This policy is being successfully continued by President Ilham Aliyev.”

Hasanov added: “The government of Azerbaijan attaches a particular emphasis to strengthening the protection of human rights and freedoms, developing the freedom of speech, the freedom of press and the freedom of religion.” Zargami welcomed Hasanov`s remarks, stressing the importance of building a sound information space.

He also emphasized the necessity of building multi-faceted and mutual ties in information and communication technologies sector between Iran and Azerbaijan. Chairman of Azerbaijan National TV and Radio Council Nushiravan Maharramov, deputy minister of communication and information technologies Iltimas Mammadov and Azerbaijan`s ambassador to Iran Javanshir Akhundov made remarks at the meeting.