“Rule of law and mechanisms of protection of human rights ” Project

“Rule of law and mechanisms of protection of human rights” Project

"Rule of law and mechanisms of protection of human rights" Project

Non-governmental organization “Caspian- Partnership for the Future” Public Union with support of the Council of State Support to Non-Governmental Organizations under the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan published the book “Rule of Law and mechanisms of protection of human rights”. The president of the “Caspian Partnership for the Future” organization, doctor of judicial science, professor Rustam Mammadov said that the main purpose of the project is through propaganda of rule of law to serve the strength legal basis of the state, to tan the society to respect law and rules, research the theoretical aspects of rule of law and to find the determination of this conception, create the urgency of the principle rule of law through modern conditions and to achieve it. The urgency of publication of this research book associated with the interest in society and incomplete research in this sphere. Paying attention to these problems carries both theoretical and practical urgency.
Due to the preparation process of the book the staff conducted a survey about the situation over rule of law principle in society. In the frame of the project the staff searched internal legal documents and the real situation in the country, at the same time international connections also built. Partner organizations carrying out abroad also gave some information about the application of rule of law principle and human rights in their countries and such reports also used.
The project is considered for 5 months. During this period the real situation of rule of of law in Azerbaijan society, people’s awareness on this concept and their attitude towards rule of law was analyzed through inquiries among them. The main aspects of inquiry were taken into consideration while writing the book.
In the frame of the project considered holding of the Final Report Conference is considered.