“Caspian Partnership for the Future” Public Union is realizing the project “World of my rights”. The project won the grant of competition organized by Council on aid to NGOs by President of Azerbaijan Republic and has been implemented since 22nd of August. The main objective of the project is to educate and train the children who study in orphanage schools on human and children rights. Also the brochures of Children rights were prepared. The brochures will be delivered to children during trainings. It is not an accidental step taken by us to choose children. Because people must know their rights from early ages in order to protect their rights and form themselves as a person. With this purpose it is considered to hold 3 days’ trainings for pupils studying in orphanage schools in Baku, Sumgait, Sheki and Lenkaran. After the trainings phase report conference will be conducted.

Training in Sumgait

“WORLD OF MY RIGHTS”The first training was held in Orphanage school of Sumgait named after gen. M.Asadov on the 29-31st of October. During the training children were taught about their rights and supplementary materials were delivered among them. The brochure on children rights and interactive games drew special attention of children.

Training in Sheki

“WORLD OF MY RIGHTS”3 days’ trainings took part in Mixed orphanage school of Sheki as a continuation of the project on the 4-6th of November. Trained rights created deep interest to human rights from the side of children and they invited guests to visit Sheki again. The same materials were delivered to children too. 20 children participated in the trainings.

Training in Lenkaran

“WORLD OF MY RIGHTS”Training devoted to children rights was realized also in the Orphanage school named after O. Mirzayev in Lenkaran on the 10-12th of November. Supplementary materials were delivered among children and the brochure called “Children rights” drew special attention by children. In the last day of the training talented children even sang a song to express their gratitude to guests.

Training in Baku

“WORLD OF MY RIGHTS”The last training of the project “World of my rights” took part on 13-15th of November in Instructive and Educational institution in Mardakan, Baku. The participants were only boys as only boys were studying in that school. Children gave a lot of questions about law matters. Children who study in that school were different features from other children. As these children are acquainted with street life more closely they are faced with law breaking situations more than other children. This made children come to conclusion that supremacy of law is needless.

Report Conference in Baku

“WORLD OF MY RIGHTS”The Report Conference of the project “World of my rights” took part in Caspian Plaza on 25th of November. Main achievements and faults were disscussed in the conference and the importance of the project implementation was also emphasized. Representatives of Ministry of Education, Council of State Support to NGOs by AR President, State Comitte on family, women and children problems, Ombudsman Apparat and other state bodies, mass media, students and other guests were invited. Giving a speech Rustam Mammadov, president of “Capian Partnership for the Future” Public Union dealed with the importance of realization of such projects, positive effects to the society and wished the durability of the project. Feraset Gurbanov, the executive director of Council of State Support to NGOs by AR President, also expressed his consent about the implementation of the project and his wish for future cooperation.