According to IRNA agency during a meeting of members of the Russian trade and economic delegation with heads and representatives of trade,industry and mines Chamber of Tabriz the ways of expansion of barter and development of cooperation in the field of a science and industry between East Azerbaijan province and the Russian Federation was considered.
During the named meeting the head of the Organization of development of trade of East Azerbaijan province Saddek Nejef noted present total volume of output between Iran and Russia at a rate of 3,2 billion dollars cannot be considered enough taking into account considerable potential that both countries have.

Sadek Nejef supported the idea of wider exchange of delegations of businessmen and experts between two parties there with the purpose of searches of new spheres of mutually advantageous cooperation and expansion of barter between Russia and Iran, including East Azerbaijan province.
Sadek Nejef suggested to create joint council between commercial and industrial chamber of Moscow and Tabriz that will make decisions concerning developments of trade between two countries, and thus to open representations in Moscow and Tabriz.
Besides Sadek Nejef declared readiness of business-community and organizations that work on development of trade to give the 50 percent discount for transport payments at adjustment of a direct air communication with the purpose of delivery to Moscow from East Azerbaijan province of fruit, dried fruits, flowers and ornamental plants and other similar production.
Chief of Tabriz TICh Rahim Sadekiyan called high tariffs for transportation of goods by ground transport as one of the basic problems in business in the sphere of expansion of commodity circulation between two countries and supported that the Russian party also should make efforts for finishing the construction of the railway connecting Iran and Russia.
Rahim Sadekiyan also expressed willing for that the Russian party accepted practical participation in realization of projects on an accomplishment and infrastructural construction in Tabriz, in particular in the field of housing construction. It will make significant profit to the capitals invested by the Russian side.
The chief of the Russian delegation, general director of the Russian-Iranian Business Council at TICh Rajab Safarov noted that Russian delegation headed by him visits Tehran and a number of the Iranian provinces with the purpose of studying the opportunities of increase in commodity circulation between Russia and Iran.
Having noted that now volume of commodity circulation between Russia and other countries of region, such as Turkey, the United Arab Emirates, Egypt and some others, exceeds volume of commodity circulation with Iran, Rajab Safarov declared the necessity of serious efforts from business-communities of two countries for achievement of a comprehensible level of development in bilateral trade.
In total for first three months of 2008 265,964 t. product from East Azerbaijan was taken out. Thus, East Azerbaijan is in the first place of non-oil export among regions of Iran.